Zendium believes that not all bacteria in the mouth are the enemy. In fact, some bacteria can actively help promote oral health. Advances in microbiomic science help us to understand more about our inherent microbiome to promote oral and overall body health.


Zendium is a SLS-free, fluoride toothpaste that strengthens the mouth’s natural defences by balancing the oral microbiome.*

It contains natural enzymes and proteins reflecting some of those found in saliva that boost beneficial bacteria in the mouth. For kinder, natural protection from oral problems without compromising on efficacy.

More information on Zendium’s ingredients and clinical evidence can be found on the Zendium product website.

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Risk assessment in modern preventive dentistry

Written in collaboration with Professor Iain Chapple, this module discusses the importance of risk management in preventative dentistry and how discussing these with patients can positively impact the...

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Probiotics and prebiotics in oral care

Written in collaboration with Professor Wim Teughels, this module discusses the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, and looks at the scientific evidence supporting their use in oral care. ...

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The oral microbiome’s role in oral health

When the microbiome becomes unbalanced, it can lead to oral problems. Clinical implications for maintaining a balanced microbiome are also discussed....

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An overview of the oral microbiome

This module explains what the microbiome is, how the oral microbiome is acquired and how it is naturally balanced for a healthy mouth....

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*Refers to the oral plaque microbiome and the relative abundance of bacterial species  with a known association with gum health or disease  after 14 weeks of brushing twice a day with Zendium when compared to baseline. Adams SE et al. Nature Scientific Reports 2017; 7: 43344.